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General Power Engineering Discussion / Re: Steam Plant Death Watch
« Last post by hiemer on May 22, 2016, 16:43  »
where did you get the info about the plant in Drayton Valley?  I can't find info about it anywhere.
General Power Engineering Discussion / Re: Steam Plant Death Watch
« Last post by Jason R on May 19, 2016, 11:23  »
Valley Power in Drayton Valley, AB, is shutting down on May 25, 2016. 

This is a "temporary" shutdown but some sources believe it is going to finalize as permanent.  C
And if you're transferring ANYWHERE-make sure they have your correct address, in full.  I just transferred my 4th from MB to BC, and my paperwork got sent to some weird amalgamation of what I put on the form (current address), my last BC address (from when my wallet was stolen and I needed to get my Antique Boiler wallet card reprinted), and my parent's BC address (from when I GOT the Antique Boiler license).  2 months of chasing things down...
Thanks for the info-always good to hear a different explanation beyond the PG texts.  It also helps to draw parallels between what we do unconsciously when firing a manual boiler, and what the automation is up to on a more modern unit.

That sounds good! If all the members spread the word I am sure it will slowly become more active. Considering how this field is continually changing, its always great to be able to chat and/or read about different plants and experiences!

Not to mention the gain we can all get from networking and building good relationships with others for future jobs etc.

Thanks Joseph a well written explanation, that why is so helpful.  :)
Want to transfer your exam marks and certificates to Alberta?

Start with downloading the AB-130 form attached to this post.

After that, ask any questions you have here and we can help you out.

FAQ (updated 2016-05-06)

Q: Can I be registered in more than one province at once?
A: Yes. You have just have to meet that province's requirements and complete the necessary paper work.
Hey @AndyS ,

Thanks for your support. I really appreciate it.

The last thing that'll ever happen is this place turning into a question bank library.

I won't be making any hasty moves; maybe it just takes a while for a forum to get active. When I do make some changes, I'll post about them wayyyyy in advance to get feedback.

Thanks again!
Hey Jason,

I wonder if there is a way to spread the word about this forum? although that does run the risk of the "question bank" savages taking over!

I check the site almost daily myself, so would love to see it stay, and work on building the active members. It could really be a great tool for networking, knowledge, or just general eyes into others experiences. IF it was to be taken away, the blog with attached forum would be great also!
General Power Engineering Discussion / What should I do with this site?
« Last post by Jason R on Apr 30, 2016, 09:24  »
It's been about two years since I started up this forum and I've noticed that the growth in activity has become stagnant. I have a tough question now facing me now; where do I take the website from here?

I don't believe that I can compete with the Facebook groups (which is a problem faced by most online forums, not just this one). Facebook seems to be the center of the universe so this was to be expected :P.

Other power engineering forums seem to be attracting members by giving out exam banks and hosting PDF copies of copyrighted material, which are activities I promised myself to not allow here.

So this is what I am thinking:

- Have the forums be a subsection of the website ( or something like that) and have as my personal blog and work portfolio.

- Turn into a news website like (a web project I was involved with but it just died after a few months because there's very little Canadian power engineering news).

- Keep the forums as they are now and see if there's any growth.

I'm looking forward to hearing what you all think. I know we have many quiet members on the board and I hope to hear what you all think.


- Jason
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