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Resume Section Information and Rules
« on: Nov 07, 2014, 20:02 »
Resume Section Information and Rules

Most Important Notes:

The "Power Engineers for Hire" section is publicly viewable. That said, there is a chance of personal information being taken by third-parties. It is strongly recommended that you leave out personal information (address, e-mails, phone numbers, etc.) from the resume that you upload to this forum section.

Instead, add a LinkedIn profile reference or ask to be messaged through the forum messaging system. If an employer really wants to connect with you, they will go the extra mile to message you.

Inactive resumes are flushed from this section every 30 days

Inactive resumes are flushed (deleted) from this section every 30 days. To keep your resume active, you are allowed to bump your resume topic every 20 days; more frequent bumping is not allowed. Yes this section of the boards is somewhat exempt from the No Bumping rule.

Uploading Your Resume

Uploading your resume is a five to 10 minute process that is relatively simple. There are eight steps involved:

Creating the Resume post

Create a new topic in the "Resume Section" (note: "New Topic" is on the far right of the screen)

In the "Subject" box, write your name followed by your certification (i.e.: John Doe - Fourth Class Power Engineer)

Write a short cover letter in the message screen to get an employer's attention

Uploading your resume

Scroll down to the "Upload attachment" menu at the bottom of the posting screen.

Click Browse and find the file on your computer.

Click "Add the file"

Submitting your Resume

Click the preview button to see how your post will look like.

If you are happy with the look, click "Submit"

Please feel free to ask questions in this thread.
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