Author Topic: BC's LNG is not being done right  (Read 569 times)

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BC's LNG is not being done right
« on: Nov 12, 2014, 16:36 »
I came across a really well-written opinion piece written by John Horgan (special to the Vancouver Sun).

This really stuck out for me:

Premier Christy Clark promised 100,000 LNG jobs, but now she is trying to arrange for the industry to bring more temporary foreign workers into the province. These are lower-wage workers on short-term contracts who won?t be given the chance to make a life here in B.C. through immigration, like so many of our families have.

Having promised industry these lower-paid temporary workers, the premier is now trying to claim that the Temporary Foreign Worker program is in fact an immigration program, when she knows full well it isn?t. She is even trying to suggest that critics of the program are racist, which is deplorable.

Temporary workers brought to this province to work in LNG would not have a chance to build a life here. They will surrender their passport to their employer when they arrive, and get a return ticket home when their boss decides their work is done.

That?s why I support an LNG industry where B.C. workers, including new Canadians, are first in line for jobs.

And I think Minister for Natural Gas Rich Coleman was wrong when he called that idea ? the idea that LNG should be for B.C. workers ? ?ridiculous.?

What do you think? Alberta may be the only place to go for resource jobs.

Another thing to consider is what's going to happen with all our trades people in training.

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