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The Institute of Power engineers sent out their monthly newsletter. One thing that caught my attention is the presentation being made to the Industrial Application of Gas Turbines Symposium in Alberta.

Here's the letter below in its entirety and the actual newsletter attached below.

From the IPE President, Eric Steinson:

Next year I will have been a Power Engineer for 40 years. Also, as has happened in the past, my plant is closing and I will be let go.

BC Hydro will no longer generate power at Burrard Generating Station next year as of March 31 and I will receive a golden handshake. Before working at Burrard I worked at Skeena Pulp Operations in Prince Rupert where all 800 workers were sent down the road.

It is something that seems to be going around.

Schlage Lock hired me as a 4th Class Power Engineer back in the 70’s and eventually moved to the States. I worked for Alcan at Kemano Generating Station as an Electrical Operator in the 80’s and they eventually automated the plant and closed the town site. They
even burned down the houses.

If you cannot automate and/ or make the plant more energy efficient or otherwise economically viable, it will have to shut down. Energy
is expensive and it is not always the Power Engineer’s fault that the systems are inefficient, as in the case of Burrard Generating Station,
a conventional simple cycle steam turbine plant.

But Power Engineers must take the initiative to try to convince others when energy efficiency upgrades would be beneficial. For example, when going to combinedcycle (sic) could increase efficiency by as much as 60%, as was the case at our Fort Nelson gas turbine plant. Often it is frustrating when it feels like nobody is listening, but it is the role of the Power Engineer to continue to try to get the message across.

This is something Power Engineers do naturally when they get together at IPE meetings across Canada. We share stories about what we are doing and what others are doing with respect to energy efficiency and the environment. There are amazing things happening out there and Power Engineers are involved.

IPE National Convention in Nova Scotia

I am looking forward to the National Convention on September 16 – 19 in Halifax which will be held in conjunction with the Chief’s Conference. It will be held at the Holiday Inn Harbour View. See

Even though the National Directors meet monthly by telephone conference call, we have a number of decisions to finalize in September at the National AGM. It is always a good idea for a big group of Power Engineers to get together yearly.

IAGT Presentation in Banff

In October, Tim Haaf and I will be presenting a paper at the Industrial Application of Gas Turbines Symposium in Banff, Alberta. Our presentation
will be an attempt to convince the group of the advantages of hiring Power Engineers at their gas turbine plants. Hopefully some new opportunities for Power Engineers will be created along with new benefits for gas turbine plant owners.

Eric Steinson, PE
National President, IPE

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